Fresh off a slew of forward-thinking interior design fairs and salons, we were delightfully surprised to see vintage aesthetics making updated comebacks along with new interior design trends taking shape. To discover our favorite takes on notable interior design trends 2020, read on to find out what Décor Aid interior designers had to say on what’s in and what’s out for 2020 and beyond.


modern fireplace pinterest home decor trends 2019

With clients also continuing to ask for thoroughly modern updates to their fireplaces, our interior designers often find themselves suggesting elevated ribbon and strikingly minimal fireplaces that leave a subtle design note in their homes. A contemporary fireplace will always appear timeless while adding defining value to your property.

And with new innovations, come easier to care for and use fireplaces that also take up less visual space while being designed to completely blend in.


classic living room interior design 2019

When it comes to the evolution of interior design, a lot has changed when it comes to more rigid, formal design practices. As now there are no set design traditions to follow. And instead of having a standard couch in your living room like everyone else does, why not be a bit more daring and different? Skip a classic couch and go for something more unusual, like bench seating, a mix of plus chairs facing one another, or a chaise or a settee.

A stylish settee will add a distinctively sophisticated air to your living room design, while a group of comfortable chairs set in a grouping will help your living room interior design feel more inviting and intimate. Have your chairs centered around a table to bring everything together, while a bench like the one pictured above is perfect for relaxing after a hard day.


living room interior design 2019 wall lamps

When it comes to modern lighting trends for your home, our interior designers often suggest new covetable sconce styles that take the less tabletop space. The best takes on modern wall lamps and sconces feature sleek matte finishes and oversized swing arms. They often also boast an Art Deco-inspired silhouette, making them timeless and handsome to boot.

Far from old-fashioned, the new updates to wall lamps and sconces we’ve seen will make for a smart extra for a smartly realized living room design, giving a traditional, yet uniquely modern spirit to your living room interior lighting.


statement making floor interior design trends

Statement ceilings and floors are made an entrance throughout interior design trends 2019. They can come in the form of bold colors and geometric patterns, which you can incorporate in the design of your ceilings or floors. But if you don’t feel like adding this eccentric interior design for your ceiling or floor, you can opt for a patterned floor and ceiling. This is also a great way to make a statement without going overboard with your interior design choices.

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